Presets / Filters

A preset is basically a filter you can apply to a photo in Lightroom to make your picture amazing. With just one click on a preset, your photo can be transformed to a beautiful picture. 


5 reasons why you should start using MY Lightroom Presets:

1. Time-saving
Do you want to save time editing your pictures? Do you want something easy to use? The answer is Lightroom Presets. Generally editing a photo from scratch can take anywhere from a minute to ten minutes depending on how much work you want to put into the image. Multiply that by 20 photos and you have yourself a minimum of a few hours. You literally have a ‘new’ picture with just one push of a button.

2. Consistency and theme
Each photo is different, but if you edit every single photo on your feed differently you will end up with a collection of photos lacking consistency. By adding a preset onto all of the photos, your feed will have a theme and a style that resonates throughout all of the images.

3. Simplifying the process
I used Lightroom for over a year before I knew presets existed. It used to take me hours to edit my photos. I can still remember the first time I placed a preset over 200 photos and didn’t have to edit them from scratch. It was a revelation. Presets make your editing process simple, easy, and short.

4. They’re unique and customizable
All my presets are unique. Every picture is slightly different from another picture. All pictures have different ‘information’ if you shoot a picture in the morning, inhouse or at sunset. This ‘information’ is the amount of light, color, saturation, etc. You can imagine, each preset will act differently on these ‘information’. Luckily you can customize the photo once the preset has been placed on the image. Mostly it’s just adding some more or less color or light to create your picture wanted. After this, it will look the same as the other pictures you have edited with the same preset.

5. Affordable
When you consider the time presets will save and how much they will improve your images, it is quite amazing how cheap they are. This is largely due to the fact they are a digital good and involve no packaging, postage, or handling. I’ve been creating my presets over the past 5 years and I use them for all of my pictures.

Desktop Packs

4 amazing Preset Packs especially made for desktop

Mobile Packs

4 amazing Preset Packs especially made for mobile

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