Frequently Asked Questions.

How to import & apply presets on Lightroom Classic CC Desktop?
How to import & apply presets on Lightroom Mobile?
How to make your photo less bright, dark or colorful?

It’s possible that some of the presets are too dark, colorful or overexposed. This depends on the ‘information’ your pictures has and the preset you applied. You can easily adjust it by going LIGHT, then EXPOSURE slider and push it to the left if the photo is too bright or push it to the right if the photo isn’t bright enough. You can do the same with each COLOR or SATURATION. By the way, lightening the shadows usually make your image pop. The settings-menu is at the bottom of your Lightroom Mobile app or at the right on your Lightroom Desktop. Check my video for a step by step explanation: …. (video linkje toevoegen)

How to get rid of the orange skin?

Mostly you don’t even need to mess with individual color sliders. Just reduce the general saturation of the photo. Go to the COLOR and play with SATURATION. All of your colors will be less saturated. This is the quickest and easiest way to tweak presets intensity. However, sometimes there is only one color that is too vibrant. In that case, you need to adjust the sliders of that particular color and BOOM your picture has less or more orange skin.

How to get reposted on @thysonb?

⁃ Post your picture (edited with my preset) on Instagram feed or story

⁃ Tag @ThysonB

⁃ I will repost the pictures on my account

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